A note from Throwing Bones founder, Kenny Capps:

I am a father, entrepreneur and average runner. Since 2015, I have also been battling Multiple Myeloma, a blood cancer that currently has no cure. In April of 2018, I ran 1,175 miles in 54 days across the length of the Mountain to Sea Trail to raise money and awareness not only for cancer research and survivors but for living life to the fullest, even with an incurable disease.

**I was afraid when I found out that I might die early. I have had a grand adventure and I don’t want it to stop. That’s not why I was afraid of my cancer diagnosis, however. I didn’t want to leave a mess for my wife, children, my parents, and the rest of my family and friends. I was going to let them down. I was angry that there wasn’t a damn thing that I could do about it.

I had to stop running, my way of coping with any of life’s difficulties. I lost a little control of my body. I struggled with sleeping well. I couldn’t help our family income and I couldn’t be the kind of dad that I wanted to be. Life changed.

But life also went on.

Doctors in Asheville and at Emory University Hospital gave me options. They pushed me around, beat me up and made me stronger. After a bone marrow transplant and a lot of tough times, I’m still here, I’m back to running, and I feel strong. So strong, in fact, that I want to pay all the love that I and my family has felt over the past 2 years forward.

I want to show others struggling with this, or any, disease that you can’t fold up and go home. Don’t wait to die. Now is the time to bet it all. Throw those bones and let em ride. Don’t be afraid! You’re braver than you think, and your courage is going to generate more courage… and hope.. and a cure.

I’m going to do my part.

There is hope.

There will be a cure.

Until there is a cure, there is life.

“Picture a bright blue ball just spinning, spinning free It’s dizzying, the possibilities‚Ķ” Throwing Stones, The Grateful Dead,1987.