Day 45. West Jefferson to Boone

Well, it was bound to happen. After nearly 830 miles in 45 days (over 9,000 feet of elevation in the 2 previous days), I am pooped. I decided to take a slow day, and went just under 15 miles. I’m really behind on keeping up with my journal, because at the end of the day, I […]

Day 38. Summerfield to Walnut Cove

Back on the road again! I moved away from the greenway in Summerfield, turned right out of the parking lot and dodged cars, trucks and school buses for nearly 10 miles before getting to Oak Ridge, NC. No, Matt Brown, the Oak Ridge Boys are not from Oak Ridge, North Carolina. They are actually from […]

Day 37. Browns Summit to Summerfield. Lots of new faces!

Dean left me at the trailhead next to the golf course at a little before 7am this morning. I stalked the back 9, popped out onto a road briefly, then dove back to the woods for several miles around Lake Townsend and its many coves and fingers on the South side of the water. About […]

Day 34. Durham to Eno River Park

I started about an hour later this morning as I met members of the North Durham Runners Club. These fantastic runners gave me the boost I needed to get through the entire day. I met Heather, my first guide through the Durham sections of the Mountains to Sea Trail at Red Mill Road at 7am. […]

Day 33. Falls Lake Campground to Durham (Red Mill Rd)

Apparently, this early morning thing is agreeing with me. I left camp and started on the trails just a little after 6am. Not only did I get some gorgeous sunrise vistas, but I had more than my fair share of spider webs. By the end of the day I looked like a giant zombie boy […]

Day 32. Falls Lake Trail to Falls Lake Campground

I’m not sure what came over me, but I made it out of camp fairly early this morning and hit the trails by 6:15 today. I love running early. I get to avoid noise and congestion and I get to see things for the first time that day from that angle. Before the sun was […]

Day 30. Clayton to Falls Lake.

I laced up my running shoes and headed North on the Neuse River Greenway again with every intention of repeating the previous day’s feat of a marathon distance (26.2 miles). The sun hadn’t completely risen above the tree line yet, but it was poking out enough that it would periodically blind me. I put on […]

April 29. Day 29. Selma to Clayton

I had a guest appearance today by my friend, Chris de Beer! Chris, essentially said to himself, I only have 3 jobs, a wife, two children and way too many hobbies, so I think I’ll drive to the other end of the state at 3:00 am, run a marathon (26.2 miles) with my friend, Kenny, […]

April 28. Day 28. Four Oaks to Selma

We actually made it out of camp fairly early today, and being so close to where I stopped yesterday, I was able to start hiking a little before 6:30. I love these early morning starts. It makes me feel accomplished and makes me feel like I could cover the whole state in a day. That […]

April 27. Day 27. Vann Crossroads to Ingrams

The historic church parking lot that I left from this morning looked a lot like the church parking lots I have passed almost every morning for the past week and I was having flashbacks from my last visit to England, except there were no cathedrals, and I don’t think there were any dead poets buried […]