I started out on the northeastern end of Topsail Island and man was it windy! Temperatures were in the 50s, fairly quickly, but stayed there for awhile. Since I’m stillrecovering from pretty sever shin splints, I was moving slow slow slow. My normal walking pace usually varies between 14 and 16 minutes per mile, but today, I just couldn’t do it without risk of injuring myself further.

There are advantages to going slow, I’ve discovered though. I get to see things I otherwise might overlook. Today, I noticed a couple of the Towers of Topsail, which were placed on the island around World War Two for missile firing observation and a few of them have survived all that time to make us scratch our heads and wonder.

I didn’t make it too far off the island before Dean shut me down and said it was time to rest and recover. Off to the RV we went where Foot RX  in my hometown sent me two pairs of shoes to help combat the leg ailments and to allow for my ever-expanding feet. They are size 14 now! Holy crap!

Chuck helped me ice/heat/stretch the shins when I climbed in the RV, and they spent the rest of the time reminding me that we’re “building the armor” to finish this battle – and we’re doing it one step at a time. 

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  1. Nice write-up! Hope you’re able to continue doing them. Also, big feet just means you cover more ground with fewer steps! I also wear a 14!

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