It was another perfect weather day. The legs were ready to roll, but I’m not sure that the rest of the body was on the same page. Since, I knew that today wasn’t going to be nearly as long as yesterday, I opted for recovery and hiked most of the day.

I left the Kelly Post Office and Kelly General Store a little after 7 am and headed West down Highway 53.








For many years, the small coastal plain communities crossed wide creeks and rivers, not over bridge, but by ferry. The Elwell Ferry which connects Kelly to Carvers Creek across the Cape Fear River is one of 3 remaining cable ferries still in operation in North Carolina. It has been in operation since 1905, has used a gasoline engine since the 1930s, and until 1952 was the only way to connect Elizabethtown/White Lake to Wilmington.




The ferry is still in operation partly because of the high cost of building a bridge connecting two small bridges. The maximum capacity of the ferry is 2 cars up to 4 tons, and the cars alert the operator by driving up to the dock and blowing their car horn. If we had more time, I would have dipped down to take a ride, so I satisfied myself with a few pics and took off down the road.






Let this gibbeting serve as a warning to all other plastic containers.

Let this serve as a warning to other plastic containers. You aren’t welcome in these woods.











After about 12 miles, the trail left Highway 53 and crossed into Bladen Lakes State Forest to take the 3-4 mile trail around Singletary Lake. Dean joined me for a couple of miles and we traversed the sandy trail together solving the world’s problems and deciding what we wanted to be when we grew up. Since he left his vehicle back at the campground parking area, he ran back and caught me on the other side of the lake, where it met up with Highway 53.

























Continuing my desire to make today a recovery/walking day, I walked the remaining 2-3 miles to White Lake where we set up camp. I confess, I had to walk about 30 feet further than my stopping point to make my mileage an even 18 miles. I’m not stopping at 17.97!


Set your target.

Take Aim.


Do it again.

Keep Moving Forward.




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