This was the start of the real trail training for me, and it was great to share this with my 15 year old son, Carter. It was not only his longest run or race so far, it was his first trail race.

Leaving Lookout Brewing in downtown Black Mountain, we ran up the Greenway, and Flat Creek Road to Montreat and hit the trails after entering the gates. That’s where the fun began!

We ran up Lookout Road, to the Lookout trailhead, and all the way to the peak. I’m 6 foot 4 inches tall, but I had to do some climbing to get up the steps to the top. We passed by a crowd at the top as went over to the back side and popped out at the shelter on the Trestle Road.

The Trestle was gentle, and it sure was nice to go down. I met up with Carter about the time that we made it back to the trailhead/aid station, and we only had 4 miles left to home. I in finished less than 2 hours for the 10 mile major elevation change run. I beat my goal, but reminded myself that it isn’t about the speed. Right now, I’m trying to spend more time on my feet running, gaining more distance, and enjoying the experience.

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