TB Patient Assistance Fund

The purpose of Throwing Bones Patient Assistance Fund to assist blood cancer patients with non-medical financial needs such as transportation and transportation costs to and from treatment, lodging, during treatment and assistance with basic living expenses. 

Physical Activity Increases the Total Number of Bone-Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Enhances Their Osteogenic Potential, and Inhibits Their Adipogenic Properties

Cost for 2020: $4,260 


  • To assist patients with non-medical financial needs
  • To help patients pay bills that are not covered through Medicare or Medicaid with small grants 
  • To help patients with lodging or travel, due to treatment or medical visits A targeted initial capital campaign, Year 2 
  • A targeted initial funds disbursement, Year 3. 


Data Collected: 

  • Demographics and financial status
  • Medical history
  • Access to fitness resources