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Throwing Bones is raising awareness, promoting education, and inspiring others through fitness and health to combat blood cancers.


13 hours ago

Throwing Bones
Steve Lawrence is a true example of being #CancerActive 💪💪"I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in September 2019. I was a serious triathlete growing up until I hit 30, and then always swam and cycled from about 35-50, when I was diagnosed. I had a stem cell transplant in February 2021 and then relapsed in August when I started 5 months of treatment with Bortezamide, Dexamethasone and Darratumumub.I finally had my last dose of Bortez last week and am now on monthly maintenance doses of Darratumumub. I trained/exercised around 2 hours every day throughout the treatment and I believe it made a huge difference in how I coped with it all and how effective the treatment has been.Now that I’ve finished treatment I’m setting myself new goals- a marathon, half Ironman, possibly a full Ironman- all the stuff I used to do when I was younger. I know the myeloma and the drugs may restrict how fast I can go but who cares - I’m still alive, setting goals and loving life!"#KeepMovingForward Steve Lawrence, you’re an inspiration & we’re honored that Kenny inspired your journey!#CancerSupport #CancerCommunity #CancerStory #BloodCancer #BloodCancerAwareness #MakeanImpact #InspireOthers #CreateImpact #MakeaDifference #MovementHeals #InspiringStories #MovementisMedicine #ShareYourStory #NonprofitOrganizations #Nonprofits #NonprofitLife #NonprofitLeadership ... See MoreSee Less
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5 days ago

Throwing Bones
#ThrowbackThursday to a great article Throwing Bones founder, Kenny Capps, wrote on Measuring Frailty and the Impact on Treatment for HealthTree for Multiple Myeloma.“It’s early, as this is the first study to review how frailty is a predictor of the overall survival of multiple myeloma patients, but determining the best course of action can only be determined through updated measurement of patient frailty. It seems likely that there will be more studies to determine how well this “dynamic” or current frailty status can be used in adjusting treatment strategies for patients.It's important for myeloma patients to stay as strong, healthy and fit as they can to allow them to qualify for all recommended treatment options."Read the full #Frailty #BloodCancer #CancerAwareness #BloodCancerAwareness #ActiveLifestyle #MovementHeals #NonprofitLeaders #NonprofitLeadership ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

Throwing Bones
#throwback to our 2022 review!$45,790 raised from ONE event.3 conferences attended.2 new board members.3 new daily team members.3 self-assessment forms added to our support for patients.10x social media presence.We are grateful to every person who helped us have a successful 2022 and are using it as motivation to #keepmovingforward in 2023 💪#nonprofitleadership #nonprofitorganizations #canceractive #cancercommunity #cancersupport #fundraising #nonprofitwork #cancersurvivor #cancerawareness ... See MoreSee Less
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3 weeks ago

Throwing Bones
Join us!#cancersupport #cancersurvivor #cancerfighterALL Blood Cancers Video Chat Virtual Support Thurs March 2nd @ 8:00 pm Eastern - ... See MoreSee Less
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What is Throwing Bones?

Throwing Bones works hard to make a difference in the blood cancer community. We do this by holding these six key values:


Throwing Bones is committed to building global awareness of purposeful movement as part of treatment and lifestyle for individuals living with cancer and those who care for them.


We value a diverse, global community built on partnerships with healthcare professionals, individuals living with cancer and all those inspired by the mission of the organization.


We never give up. We keep moving forward, whether that means baby steps or small leaps, we persevere. We believe in progress not perfection. 


When we keep moving forward and act in service to others, we believe anything is possible.


We provide patient-centric programs backed by science and health research accessible to all individuals at any stage of treatment. We encourage patients to be part of their treatment through advocacy, education and healthcare provider collaboration.


Activity and purposeful movement are powerful and often under-prescribed and under-valued treatments for cancer.

Our mission.

Throwing Bones’ mission is to educate and advocate for individuals living with cancer to improve the quality of life through healthy and active lifestyles.

Blood cancer in the United States.

Active Cases

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New Cases Each Year

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Deaths Each Year

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Blood Cancer Types

About 137

How to make a change.

Through education, we can bring the dangers, treatments, and statistics of blood cancers to the forefront. 


Movement, fitness, and keeping up with personal health is one of the best ways to effectively fight blood cancers.

The more who know about blood cancers, the better we can fight it. With your commitment and donations, anything is possible.

Differences we've made.

Blood cancers do not discriminate in who receives a diagnosis with children and adults of all ages and abilities on this cancer journey. Throwing Bones is proud to have supporters across communities nationwide and experts throughout the medical field who advocate for our work and our vision for movement to be an accepted and celebrated part of therapy for people living with blood cancer.

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Better living with cancer through fitness.

At Throwing Bones, we believe that fitness is an essential tool in treating cancer.