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Throwing Bones is raising awareness, promoting education, and inspiring others through fitness and health to combat blood cancers.


21 hours ago

Throwing Bones
Kenny Capps, founder of Throwing Bones, used his inspiring story and took action to help make a difference in more people’s lives and the blood cancer community.“As a runner with bone lesions throughout my body, two compression fractures, and still undergoing maintenance chemotherapy, I am aware of the high quality of life that comes from a healthy and active lifestyle. Through our Keep Moving Forward initiative, we encourage patients to be active and we will be a resource for patients on improving their quality of life through education and resources.I’m proof and I will not fade away. I plan on being here as inspiration and as an advocate for all myeloma patients and those that care for them.”May we continue to educate and inspire. What events would you like to see in 2023? #KeepMovingForward #BloodCancerAwareness #Leukemia #Lymphoma #Myeloma #GiveBack #CommunityFocused #Nonprofitorganization #Makeadifference ... See MoreSee Less
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3 days ago

Throwing Bones
We are thankful & grateful today, and every day, to be able to promote education, raise awareness and inspire others to get moving. Thank you to each and every person who has supported our mission and been a part of our journey. This is just the #thanksgiving2022 #communitymatters #supporteachother #inspireothers #thankfulgratefulblessed #gratefuleveryday #gratefulmindset ... See MoreSee Less
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4 days ago

Throwing Bones
Movement, fitness, and keeping up with personal health is one of the best ways to effectively fight blood cancers.We strive every day to help encourage and show blood cancer patients how to create an active lifestyle even with their diagnosis. Your donations allow us to lead, encourage and inspire people to reach the top of their mountain, whatever the view may look like for #keepmovingforward #bloodcancerawareness #leukemia #lymphoma #myeloma #giveback #communityfocused #nonprofitorganization #makeadifference ... See MoreSee Less
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4 days ago

Throwing Bones
You are incredible Dan Heidt!!💪🏼 KEEP 💪🏼 MOVING 💪🏼 FORWARD#bloodcancerawareness #movementheals #communitymatters #supportothers ... See MoreSee Less
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5 days ago

Throwing Bones
Throwing Bones has 6 core values at the root of our mission. One of them: PERSISTENCE.Our motto is to Keep Moving Forward because at Throwing Bones we believe in never giving up. We support each other, patients and our community so that every single person can make small leaps. #nevergiveup #keepmovingforward #CreateImpact #createyourpath #bloodcancerawareness #leukemia #lymphoma #myeloma #giveback #communityfocused #cancercommunity ... See MoreSee Less
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What is Throwing Bones?

Throwing Bones works hard to make a difference in the blood cancer community. We do this by holding these six key values:


Throwing Bones is committed to building global awareness amongst all healthcare providers and individuals living with cancer around the importance of purposeful movement as part of treatment and lifestyle.


We value a diverse, global community built on partnerships with healthcare professionals, individuals living with blood cancer and all those inspired by the mission of the organization.


We never give up. We keep moving forward, whether that means baby steps or small leaps, we persevere. We believe in progress not perfection. 


When we keep moving forward and act in service to others, we believe anything is possible. 


We provide patient-centric programs and support backed by science and health research accessible to all individuals at any stage of treatment and we celebrate ALL impact.


Staying active and in movement is an under-prescribed and under-
valued treatment of blood cancers.

Our mission.

Throwing Bones works to educate, inspire and support individuals living with blood cancer to improve the quality of life through healthy and active lifestyles, during and after treatment.

Blood cancer in the United States.

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Blood Cancer Types

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How to make a change.

Through education, we can bring the dangers, treatments, and statistics of blood cancers to the forefront. 


Movement, fitness, and keeping up with personal health is one of the best ways to effectively fight blood cancers.

The more who know about blood cancers, the better we can fight it. With your commitment and donations, anything is possible.

Differences we've made.

Blood cancers do not discriminate in who receives a diagnosis with children and adults of all ages and abilities on this cancer journey. Throwing Bones is proud to have supporters across communities nationwide and experts throughout the medical field who advocate for our work and our vision for movement to be an accepted and celebrated part of therapy for people living with blood cancer.

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Better living with cancer through fitness.

At Throwing Bones, we believe that fitness is an essential tool in treating cancer.