Cancer Active Self-Assessment Program Needs

Cost for 2022: $35,679 

*updated 4/18/2022  


  • To assist individuals fighting blood cancer with physical self-assessments to lead to the creation of individualized overall health plans.
  • To collect patient data to track improvement,
  • To improve patient-athlete responses, and
  • To enable Throwing Bones strategic partners to improve the lives of individuals living with a blood cancer.

Data Collected (Optional and with participant approval): 

  • Immediate medical needs and all underlying health conditions
  • Demographics and financial status
  • Medical history
  • Access to fitness resources
  • Nutrition

Weight and weight gain/loss  Food intake  Symptoms affecting nutrition and/or food intake  Metabolic demand 

  • Mental Health

1-2 page mental health screen/self-assessment  With the help of grant-funding, sponsorships and individual donors, Throwing Bones will continue to create videos accessible online to assist participants physical self-assessments. The assessments are to be used to refer participants to certified professionals who can create individualized overall health plans.  Videos and booklets will be used to share methods of self assessing a patients current physical condition in order to improve health, wellness and overall well being, possibly allowing for the best course of cancer treatment for each individual patient. Data will be gathered from patients to help them determine their current abilities, limitations, and strategies to move them forward.  The videos, questions and “Fitness Log” will focus on establishing a baseline interaction with the individuals’:

  1. General health data 
  2. Physical Function
  3. State of Mind without specific mental health assessment
  4. Diet & Nutrition tendencies through a 7 to 10 day food journal

The self-assessment screening tools provide an anonymous evaluation, immediate feedback and contact information to schedule an appointment or learn more about resources and referrals offered by Throwing Bones.  The videos will be developed with the guidance of cancer-focused fitness trainers, physical therapists and oncologists. The patient-athlete will receive instruction (self-guided) in establishing a baseline assessment of where they should start with a physical fitness plan. Throwing Bones will receive data to help establish a better long-term plan of maintenance and improvement with regards to improving patient-athlete fitness level, the patient-athletes individual goals, and quality of life.  Printed booklets will act as a companion to the initial 4 videos that can be distributed via the website. Funds will also be used to design the handouts and to produce video content that will be engaging, informative and of good quality.  From the self-assessment program, data collected from each patient-athlete will include, but shall not be limited to, general and specific health history, pre-screen data, mental health assessment and a nutrition journal.