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Addressing the needs of the community.

Addressing blood cancer through events.

Throwing Bones is a patient-focused registered 501(c)3 encouraging those fighting leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma and all other blood cancers to stay healthy and active through treatment and beyond. We’re running over mountains to make healthy and active lifestyles a part of the solution. We encourage, inspire, and educate blood cancer fighters on healthy and active lifestyles so that patient-athletes everywhere can find their best quality of life.

Throwing Bones will achieve its core mission of helping individuals with blood cancer to stay healthy and active through treatment and beyond through programs, advocacy and education.

These programs include, but shall not be limited to the Throwing Bones Self Assessment Video & Booklet Series, Throwing Bones Coaching Network, Throwing Bones Cancer-Active Clinics, Throwing Bones Cancer-Active Education and the Throwing Bones Patient Assistance Fund. Through these programs, Throwing Bones hopes to improve the health, well-being and quality of life of individuals with blood cancer and benefiting the greater blood cancer community.

Projects and Programs.

Cancer Active Self assessment Video Series

Cost for 2021: $35,679

Cancer Active Coaching Network

Cost for 2021: $26,368

Cancer-Active Education

Cost for 2021: $21,145

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