Throwing Bones Cancer-Active Education

Cost for 2020: $21,145 

Education Topics: 

How To Assess Your Own Physical And Mental Toughness 

Pain Management With Exercise? 

Improve Yourself By Going Outdoors Even If You Hate The Outdoors Keep Moving Forward 

  • Cancer patients should keep moving forward for optimal health, wellness, general well-being and overall cancer treatment tolerance. 
  • Researchers and healthcare providers have known for decades the value of 2 3 

purposeful activity to men and women with cancer and other bone diseases. “The idea is for patients to do whatever they can manage, as they will reap the benefits, from conditioning to emotional well-being to relapse prevention.” Exercise As Therapy For Cancer .4 

  • The value of purposeful movement has been slow in translating to the majority of patients, caregivers and even some healthcare providers. 
  • Medical Centers are not often positioned to use fitness as prophylactic therapy for their patients, but there is a trend towards awareness.5

Patient Engagement And Empowerment 

  • This series of presentations, webinars, videos and literature would not only address important missing information for patients, but for caregivers and healthcare providers as well. 
  • These can be used as tools to engage the patients, to take them to the next level of their treatments, and can empower them to feel as they are an active part of their recovery.