Bruce Brolsma, MA, Ph.D


After obtaining my Ph.D. in music theory from Northwestern University and employing my brain’s right hemisphere to compose classical music (which I have continued to do throughout my life), I spent over thirty years exercising the left hemisphere in high tech as a writer, usability and interface designer, and finally as a senior software engineer in the Boston area, where my wife and I still live.  Together with our daughter, we traveled extensively — our daughter settling and working in Shanghai, China.

Retirement initially allowed me to focus on new adventures, such as taking many culinary classes and learning to apply my imagination to cooking. Then, in 2023, my long-standing MGUS and smoldering myeloma advanced to multiple myeloma, requiring active treatment, and I could immediately relate to the importance of staying active and the mission of Throwing Bones, and contributing my skills to advance its goals.