Kenny Capps

Founder, Executive Director

Who Am I?

My name is Kenny Capps. I am the founder and Executive Director of Throwing Bones, a patient-focused, provider-supported, cancer-active organization.

Beginning on April 1, 2018, I ran nearly 1200 miles across the state of North Carolina on the Mountains to Sea Trail in 54 days.

I started at Jockey’s Ridge State Park to prove to myself that I could do it and to encourage and inspire others with cancer or chronic illness to keep moving forward.

I have cancer.

Fitness and exercise has set my life in motion in many ways. Not only has it allowed me to be stronger, more mobile, and more responsive to some aggressive treatment options, it allows me to be more present for my family and friends. They want quality time with me – and not just cumulative years. They want quality time that lets them direct our relationships. Fitness gives us that.

I don’t deny that I likely spend more time being active than most people my age, and exercise is something that was a large part of my world before my cancer diagnosis. But don’t think that I have some hidden talent that isn’t within you as well. Taking time, being patient with your body’s learning curve, and focusing only on enjoying the tiniest bit of activity every day, is a key component of living healthy and being active.

Keep moving forward,


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