Man, was it a wet day, today! Since I made it a little farther yesterday, and already had a shorter day planned, I was able to make up a few miles from my days off and have a shorter day at the same time. Rest, Recovery and Distance.

I learned another rule of the trail today: when pig trucks pass by on rainy days, you not only have to remember to close your mouth, but make sure you turn away from the oncoming pig poop dousing, hold your breath and try to cover your water bottle as best you can. I was especially odoriferous after todays run.

The trail left the White Oak (population 338) post office and headed North/Northeast. After about 5 miles, the road turned off onto a gravel side road towards Sugg’s Mill Pond and the game lands surrounding it. It cut through the sandy mushy game lands and there was a lot of flora to see.

By the time that I popped out onto the asphalt road on the other side of the woods, I made no pretense of being drying anywhere. I seemed to be moving at a decent pace and was really feeling good despite the messy conditions. I think I was also excited that I had finished Section 13 of the Mountains to Sea Trail and was headed onto Section 12. 12 sections and one month left until I get to the end of the state. I turned north towards Beaver Dam with a few more horses and cool-looking barns.

I ran a short little 14 miles today, and still made up some miles that I lost when recovering during the second week. My feet are elevated and pasta is in my belly. I checked in with Murphy and the kids. I popped the pills that Drs. Lonial and Vashist insist are keeping me alive. This is when the magic happens. Sleep, perchance to dream – ay there is the [foot] rub.

Finding peace in our chaotic moments is easier than one might think. It comes from looking for joy even when you’re sure there is none to be found.

Keep moving forward.


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