Back on the road again! I moved away from the greenway in Summerfield, turned right out of the parking lot and dodged cars, trucks and school buses for nearly 10 miles before getting to Oak Ridge, NC.

No, Matt Brown, the Oak Ridge Boys are not from Oak Ridge, North Carolina. They are actually from Knoxville, Tennessee, and were originally named the Oak Ridge Quartet because they would perform gospel music at the nuclear research facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee during WWII.

Oak Ridge, North Carolina is known for Oak Ridge Military Academy which makes up a big chunk of the attractive little town. The Academy was founded in 1852 by Quakers as a male finishing School. World War I changed things, though, and the school started a JROTC program that quickly took a life of its own. By 1929, Oak Ridge was officially a Military Academy is now the third oldest still operating military academy in the United States. Young women have been admitted to the school since 1972. I bet the Society of Friends hasn’t been back to check on the Cadets.

I turned right on Linville Road and headed out of town. After a series of turns and nearly 25 miles, I found Walnut Cove.

There is an adventure in every moment. Find it. Keep Moving Forward.



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